Follow these tips for an easy summer move.

Summer days are coming to Hong Kong and while it’s a popular time to move, there are much to prepare for from the weather which can be hot or wet (or both!) to the kids running around during their summer holiday and making this even more of an adventure!

Here’s a quick guide to help you plan a smooth move:

1. Start the summer move preparation ASAP
Yes, a good head start will ensure you are 100% ready for your MOVING DAY! Knowing your move is well planned will keep stress levels low and eliminate anxiety.

2. Book your movers in advance
With so many good reasons to move in the summer, summer is peak season in the moving industry. So, be sure to book your moving dates as earliest as possible to lock in your MOVE DAY!

3. Pack Efficiently
Always keep in mind the 4 “P”s and you are all set – Purge, Plan, Prep and Pack! Moving is a great time to sort through your stuff and plan where to move your items to either your new home or to put it away in storage. A stellar yard sale is a good idea to make a few quick bucks too! Next, prep and pack your items neatly into storage boxes.

4. Stay on Top of the Weather
Sunny weather is great for moving but not the summer heat! Always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water to avoid the risk of a heatstroke. Remember, to apply sunscreen as well. A Big Move calls for a housewarming party not a serious case of sunburn! Also keep in mind that other than the heat and humidity, rain is quite common over summer and not a good friend to moving. Best be prepared with some plastic wraps or canvas to cover your items during your move to keep the rain off.

5. Store with Cube Self Storage
Don’t clutter your new home! Do you need more time to sort out your stuff before you unpack? A self storage unit is the perfect solution. It gives you a place to store your belongings while you settle arranging the big stuff (sofa, TV cabinets, bedframes, cupboards and more). Store those boxes of ornaments, picture frames, clothing, fine China tableware, books and trophies with us and take your time to unpack. No unsightly boxes lying about your new home!

Calculate the space you need with our Storage Space Calculator to work out the right storage unit size for your needs or Contact us to know more about our self storage service.

Start planning now, so your summer move is a breeze!