Breathtaking scenery on trials for novice and seasoned hikers

Hong Kong is well famous for its bustling city life and truly cosmopolitan offerings that caters brilliantly for both the East and West (and anything in between!). Also world famous but perhaps a little well known is its choice of quality hiking trials of which the 100km MacLehose trail is the best known.

Whether you’re into your exercising or not, the choice of trials available allows people of all abilities to find a suitable trial to enjoy. The choice of locations is quite wide; from trials on Hong Kong Island such as Lugard Road at the Peak or the trials at Southside bays leading to Repulse Bay; to trials on the Kowloon peninsula and also some of the larger outlying islands such as the 70km Lantau Trial on Lantau Island.

Feel like exploring this exciting activity? Remember to be properly prepared before you march off though. From the correct hiking attire and boots to hiking poles and various hiking necessities in your backpack, getting things right will ensure that you get the most fun out of the experience. For some of you who are more outdoor oriented, there are additional activities such as barbeque or camping that you can mix into your hiking. Keep in mind, all this will mean even more equipment. The good thing is that many of these trials are linked with country parks which will have some parking so you don’t have to take everything with you on your entire hike.

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