Find out why Self Storage should be on your Vacation Checklist

With National Day holiday falling on a Saturday, a lot of you may have felt a little dismayed at missing out on the holiday. However, the feeling should be short lived with the Chung Yeung Festival just under a week away and the long weekend beckoning. Whether you’ve got vacation plans in place or not, if you love travelling then you’ll likely have something planned between now and Christmas. The team here at Cube loves vacations and if you’re a kindred spirit, we’ve got some tips to share with you.

Luggage Storage

I’ve always found luggage to be the most frustrating item in the house. They’re great when you are on the move and for those times when you are away for a long period or travelling to a cold destination, a large suitcase can be godsend. However, once back at home and have everything unpacked, it’s just in the way and a complete eyesore. Many households in Hong Kong now have creative renovation where space is maximized. One popular approach is the raised floor where you can then store a whole range of items in various cubbyholes under the floor. If you don’t have an out of the way area to store your suitcases though, don’t despair. Self storage is a wonderful solution to for this. Simply store away all those non-daily essentials you want out of the way and only get them when you need.

Souvenirs & Mementoes

Love it or hate it, I have boxes of keepsakes from my travel as well as many souvenirs from dear friends which I loathe to be rid of. However, keeping all those items at home, while accumulating new ones, can be a real headache when you don’t have enough space. Again, this is where having a self storage unit can be very useful. With 24hours air-conditioning, you don’t have to worry about the heat or damp troubling your stored items so that they can be in pristine condition when you take them back out to display or just to reminisce.


Finally, one often neglected advantage of self storage for the frequent traveller is security. If you are going to be out of the country for an extended period of time, storing items such as expensive clothing, shoes, bags and furniture is a great way to keep them safe and in good condition. Do note that you should not store items such as currency, jewellery, furs, deeds and irreplaceable items of high value.

Now you’re all set to enjoy your vacation with these smart self storage tips from Cube Self Storage.