Valentine’s Day is the day that couples express their love for each other. Some people choose this day for confessing their love, while some create Valentine’s to-do list to share the sweet moment with their loved one.

In recent years, handicraft workshops have become popular. No matter whether besties, parents and kids or couples, they like to participate in the workshops to experience the making process of handicrafts. Normally, there will be a tutor to guide you from the start and you don’t need to worry about failure.

Here are 5 workshops for dating couples. Take your partner with you on Valentines Day or a normal day’s dating.

1. Silver Workshop

When it comes to tokens of love between couples, we always think of couple rings. Wearing hand-made rings or bracelets that are engraved with each other’s names will bring a special meaning to each other.

If you want to design silverware as Valentine’s gift, “Let it be the Best Workshop”, “Playback Concept” and “as One” are all famous silver workshops in Hong Kong!

2. Cake Workshop

Many women have a sweet tooth and enjoy desserts. If you have a cake-lover girlfriend/boyfriend, don’t miss the cake workshop! Bake and decorate a love-shape cake and enjoy a romantic and sweet valentine’s day.

3. Cement art workshop

Experience the cement art workshop. With the guidance of a professional mentor, you can get creative and make fun coasters, plates, etc., that have memories for the two of you.

4. Leather workshop

Many people give their boyfriends or girlfriends small wallets, key bags and other trinkets that they can carry around to remind them of each other.

If you are interested in leather trinkets, you can visit to a leather workshop with him/her and create unique leather trinkets. For example, “Long island Leather” and “Ching Leather Workshop”. “LCM Leather Workshop” also allows you to make leather roses. Isn’t it more meaningful to send a leather flower that will not fade?

5. Tufting workshop

Tufting workshops have been the most popular workshop among all recently. Use a tufting gun to create cute patterns, which is popular among many young people, and it is so “IG-able”. Have a healing and romantic Valentines Day by creating the tufted design! Hong Kong Tufting Workshop such as “EACHCARE”, “Theflooriscold Studio”, “Db design studio”, etc.

Which workshop do you like the most? This Valentines Day, you can also rent a self-storage to make more “living space” for your loved one.

Store the gifts from your love in climate-controlled storage to protect the items from damage and keeps them clean and dust-free. To calculate the required storage space, you can contact us or use the storage calculator.