During the winter, people in Hong Kong often suffer from the health problems such as oedema, rheumatism, asthma due to the cold weather. In addition to keeping warm, it is also important to keep hydrated. Do you know what else can you do besides pack a warm coat and a humidifier?

Here are the tips that you can do to stay healthy and energized during the winter.

  1. Leg Warmers
    Which part of your body do you regard most to when keeping warm? Other than the head, neck and feet, our legs and knees should also be kept warm to avoid joint pain.
    For ladies who love to wear shorts in the winter, leg warmers will definitely help. There are different patterns of leg warmers in the market, you can choose your favourite style to match you daily outfit. It keeps you warm and slim, and helps you create a stylish winter look!

2.Health Tea

During the season change, our eating habits should also be adjusted. Drink more warm tea, such as ginger tea, red sugar tea, barley tea, etc. To treat the problem of oedema, you can also drink red bean soup, black tea, oolong tea, etc.

3. Hand Cream
Skin peeling is common in the dry winter climate. Many people use hand cream, but do you choose the right one?
For mild dry skin, you can use hand creams with ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. If the skin is rough, red and cracked, use hand creams containing vitamins C and E. For itchy skin and even bleeding, a Heparinoid hand cream is recommended.

4. Chinese Medicine Foot Bath
The cold weather may affect our body’s blood circulations and cause cold hands and feet.
According to Chinese medicines, our foot is known as our second heart. Every part of our foot is also the reflex area corresponding with our viscera. The foot bath may stimulate these reflex areas, then stimulate our body’s blood circulation.

5. Living Environment
We have a lot of seasonal items changed in winter, included electrical appliances, clothing, or festival decoration, such as Christmas decorations, New Year decorations which have occupied our living space. The narrow living space makes people feel stressed, it may also affect physical and mental health.
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