Modern women pursue economic independence and have the same ability and status as men in society. However, they also play the role of a wife and mother when they return to their family. Actually, they bear enormous stress and challenges in their lives.
Along with the Mother’s Day in May, let’s take a look at the challenges working mothers face and appeal for more love and support for working mothers.

1. Social Discrimination

Women are often asked during job interviews, “Are you married?”, “Do you have any kids? ” Women’s employment rates are often low because of worry that they will neglect work for family. This discrimination and concern cause pressure and worry, especially among working moms.

Society should consider employment based on one’s ability and performance, whereas family should not be a limit for women’s employment.

2. Mommy Guilt

Guilt for the family is something every working moms face. They feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children, missing out on the growing-up years, and even leaving an unwell child with a babysitter. This sense of guilt often leads working mothers to put more effort into making amends with their families, and to neglect the importance of being kind to themselves.

3. Lack of Me Time

Whether it’s reading a book, watching a TV show, doing yoga, or enjoying “me time” after a busy day, it helps to relax. For working moms, being alone is the ultimate luxury. Even at home on weekends, in addition to various housework, they also need to accompany their children, review help with the homework or take children on outings to promote parent-child time. When even the weekend schedule is filled, how can they find me-time?

4. Child care

When mothers return to work after giving birth, they usually leave their children in nurseries or kindergartens or hire elders or helpers to take care of their children. Leaving young children with someone else, even if temporarily separated, can be stressful for mothers. Not being able to take care of their child and worrying that their child will be hurt or inadequately cared for are all psychological stresses that must be overcome.

5. Trade-offs

There is an important meeting at work, and your children are waiting for you to attend the parents’ day at school. What would you choose? Family and work are equally important, but sometimes you can’t do both. Working mothers always struggle with complaints from their boss and family members.

In the rebellious stage of youth, children are prone to go astray. They need parents’ companionship, love, and communication. A “mother”, really needs to spend more time with their children to convey the right values.

6. Physical changes

It is normal for women to change their appearance and physical fitness after giving birth, but these changes may cause annoyance for working mothers. For example, breastfeeding mothers do not have a suitable room to pump every few hours, the change in body shape also makes mothers feel less confident after giving birth, which in turn affects their performance at work.

With all that said, family and society should give the greatest encouragement and support to every working mother, and appreciate their contribution to the family and society.

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