3 reasons why self storage is the best partner for your business!

Do you run your own e-commerce business? We understand as a start up, space can be limited! That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect solution to store all your inventory with our Cube Business Storage. With our Business Storage, you will have all the space you need to store your stock so you can focus on what matters most, managing your business!

1. Manage your Inventory
The heart of any e-commerce business are the products you sell and to ensure the smooth running of your business you would need to build up on stock. Don’t clutter your working and living area, instead store them with us!

2. Save on High Rental Costs and Utility Bills
Space can be costly in Hong Kong but not with our affordable storage plans! Storing with our Cube Business Self Storage unit will help you save on overhead costs as you won’t have to worry about costly utility bills and high rental rates. At Cube, utilities such as electric charges are already included into your monthly storage fee!

3. Climate Controlled Storage
We offer managed temperature storage to keep all your items and stock in mint condition safe from heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity. We will adjust the temperature according to our ever changing Hong Kong weather!

What are you waiting for? Start managing your business better today with a Cube Business Storage unit.

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