6 Spacious Living Room Decorating Ideas for Tiny Homes You Must Know!

6 Spacious Living Room Decorating Ideas for Tiny Homes You Must Know!

Expand your living room with these decorating ideas!

What’s the first thing you notice when you open your front door? The living room, of course! This is after all the most lived in room in the house. It is where you entertain your guests, spend quality family time and relax in. So, make it homey, spacious and cosy. Even if you have a tiny living area, no problem, with these 6 tricks you can make your living room look and feel roomy!

1. Flooring is everything
Give a visual of never ending space by using only one flooring or carpet material throughout the whole house. Sofa or cabinets with legs will make your living room wider as you can still see the space underneath.

2. Draw attention to the walls
Use some living room décor to increase and emphasise on the wall’s height by drawing eyes up! Do this by fixing ceiling to floor curtains or by installing crown moulding which is always pleasing to the eyes. Tall bookshelves will also do the trick!

3. Arrange for traffic flow
Position your furniture in such a way that is easy for you to move about. Make sure you can freely enter your home from the main door to the sofa without any obstructions. When you can walk without bumping into anything, now that’s a true sign of spaciousness!

4. Use an accent piece!
Create a focal point. The main attraction of your living room should capture the attention. This will draw attention away from the size of the room. Do this by using a striking sofa cover, hanging huge mesmerising paintings or installing a centrepiece like a chandelier.

5. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light
This is an old trick but it really works! Mirrors do really make your room look more spacious! Hang a large wall to wall mirror to give an illusion that your living room is two times the size than it actually is! You could also group small mirrors to form a nice pattern on the wall.

6. Get a Cube Self Storage Unit!
Have you noticed that a living room with fewer furnishings looks more spacious? It’s time to free up some space by decluttering! Ask yourself, do you use it daily? If you don’t, it doesn’t need to be there! Store your extra living room furnishings with us in our climate controlled storage facility. With our affordable storage units with 24/7 access, you can switch up the furnishings in your home depending on the season and your mood!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to rearrange your living room, invite some friends over for tea and amaze your house guests with an impressive living room!

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