Welcome the cool breeze into your home and embrace the short yet fantastic Autumn season!

It’s time to welcome the new season! Autumn brings drier and cooler conditions with plenty of sunshine making it an ideal time for a great outdoor adventures but with Covid-19 taking over 2020, this year it’s best to stay healthy and safe indoors.

Here we’ve put together some great ideas on how to spend a comfortable and relaxing autumn with your family!

Tip #1 – Windows and doors

Welcome the cool breeze into your homes by opening the windows! On a cold, crisp day, you can snuggle up with a warm blanket and a book while enjoying the cool breeze at home but remember to close the windows at night, to avoid catching a cold. Be sure to check that all the windows and doors close and open properly to best enjoy the breezy season.

Tip #2 – Water Heater

When it’s cold, take a warm bath, this is great for warming the body up, relaxing and relieving fatigue. Do regularly check and maintain your water heater by making sure that the wires, switch buttons, and parts are all intact and safe for use. Once a malfunction occurs, immediately seek a professional licensee to repair it to ensure your own safety.

Tip #3 – Autumn Clothing

Stay warm and comfortable this season. During the day, a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and a light jacket will keep you all nice and comfy but in the evening, as the temperature gets cooler, adorn a sweater to keep warm. At bedtime, snuggle up under a comforting quilt!

Tip #4 – Time to declutter

Now’s the ideal time to do some autumn cleaning and welcome the cool breeze into your home. Redecorate the house with some warm, earthy tones and get into the mood. Reorganise, tidy up and store off season items. Make it comfy for the whole family!

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